1.010.1 Quiz: Introductory BYB! Session NOT IN USE

Quiz: BYB! Introductory Session

This quiz is not a ‘test’. It is designed to embed everything you’ve learnt in this Course and also to add to the learning, with new tips and concepts to consider.

It will take at least one hour to complete. However, please spend as much time as you can with it. Repeat it as often as is helpful.

The basics of BBM were covered in Course 1.1 Our Methodology. To refresh your understanding of BBM, it is suggested that you take the Introduction to BBM quiz again at this point.

The majority of answers to this Quiz are found in the Modules, in the transcription of the presentation, and in the Details Sheet. However, to help develop your fluency and confidence, first try to answer the questions without referring to these.

Answers that are derived from the script use the words contained in the script. In other answers, optional responses are factored in, as is the choice of using caps or not. However, weird spelling isn’t, so please check that!

If an answer requires several words, make sure you tab to enter each word.

After each question you can check your answer, so you can make a note of any errors as you go through it.

You can take the quiz as many times as you like – it’s intended to help the learning process, rather than being a one-time ‘exam’. Please keep this in mind…the goal is not to ‘pass the test’ as soon as possible, but to understand and be comfortable with the content of the course. Then you’ll be able to relax and enjoy delivering it!

You will need at least 80% to pass.