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Lead Facilitator Training for Soft Skills for Wellbeing

This is the Lead Facilitator training for Soft Skills for Wellbeing. This workshop focuses on how soft skills provide practical support for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It was designed to support young people dealing with the challenges caused by the pandemic but is relevant at any time. While the primary focus is wellbeing, the element of employability is very much in evidence as research shows that young people are more concerned than ever about their future and their employment prospects.

You have already taken the training for Be Yourself Brilliantly! and will find commonalities between the two sessions. We assume that participants are coming to the session without any knowledge of soft skills or of BBM. So the fundamentals are explained at the start of each session. Even if a participant has already attended one of our sessions, they will find it useful to have this information reinforced. Some of the later content will also be familiar. However, please note that the script may diverge from what you’ve used before, as different points are to be made.

The session runs for 1.5 hours, as this is the format usually required when working within other’s timetables. Sometimes we can run the session for a preferred two hours, allowing more time for activities and discussion.

You’ll have a script to work with as with all our training. The script provides the content to cover and has BBM approach embedded within the words. Please adhere to it as much as possible, without feeling you need to reproduce it verbatim.

Module 4.1.1. provides you with a video of the slide deck and the script. The two subsequent modules (4.1.2. Preparing for the Presentation and 4.1.3. Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour) will be familiar from the Be Yourself Brilliantly! course.