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Lead Facilitator Training for Be Yourself Brilliantly!

This is the Lead Facilitator training for Be Yourself Brilliantly!. This workshop focuses on soft skills for employability. It is also an introductory session to our approach, giving participants an overview of BBM. And it provides all the information they need at this point about what soft skills are, why they’re so important, and how to develop them.

The session runs for 1.5 hours, as this is the format usually required when working within other’s timetables. However, we can sometimes run the session for a preferred two hours, allowing more time for activities and discussion.

You’ll have a script to work with as with all our training. The script provides the content to cover and has BBM approach embedded within the words. However, we don’t expect you to reproduce a script verbatim. Having understood BBM and adopted its principles, you’ll be able to breathe air into it for it to come alive. The script will be the basis for your ‘performance’. There are some suggestions in Modules 4 and 5 to help you achieve this.

To reach this stage of facilitator training, you’ve completed the Foundation Programme, which included a quiz covering the basics of Barrier Breakers Methodology. To refresh your understanding of BBM, you could re-take the Introduction to BBM quiz, as this course will not cover the basics again.